Corporate Citizenship

Long-term social commitment and support of selected cultural projects
Our business activity – the business of building – directly shapes people’s living environment. The result is an interaction between construction and society: only in a successful society can we succeed. At STRABAG, we therefore feel obliged to contribute to the healthy development of society as a whole. This means that we make contributions to maintain the social standards in Central Europe, to improve them in other countries, and that we support cultural projects as well as team sports to enhance team spirit.


If and in which form we lend our support is decided by the STRABAG SE Management Board following a critical examination of questions such as:

  • Can STRABAG, given the nature of its business, make a positive contribution to the project that companies in other industries could not do in the same form?
  • Is the project worth our long-term commitment?
  • Does the project fit our strategy, our values and our public image?


We do not extend our social commitment indiscriminately, but instead support selected initiatives over the longterm in order to make a lasting contribution. One of the indicators that measures our commitment is the contribution we make to the core projects and initiatives mentioned below. In 2017, this amounted to € 4.70 million (2016: € 4.85 million).



CONCORDIA social projects

CONCORDIA is an internationally active, independent charity organisation for children, youth, the elderly, and families in need. From its start in 1991 as a social project for street children in Bucharest, CONCORDIA has grown into an organisation which today helps more than 1,000 children in Romania, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova.

The organisation’s most important goal is keeping families together. Many parents are forced to leave the country in search for work. Sometimes children are unable to stay with their families due to existential poverty. CONCORDIA’s services therefore comprise family-like children’s homes, foster care, social centres for youth in precarious situations, assisted living facilities for young adults and outreach work. Another focus is on educational projects: from educational assistance or music instruction to separate training facilities for e.g. cooking/baking or the carpentry trade.

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With STRABAG’s help, Concordia supports people in need. © dejan.petrovic 2013


Tyrolean Festival Erl

Tyrolean Festival Erl was founded in 1997 and has been held in the illustrious Passion Play town of Erl in Austria under the overall direction of Gustav Kuhn every year since 1998. STRABAG has been a supporting partner from the beginning. Tyrolean Festival Erl has become a respected fixture in the cultural life of Tyrol and internationally. The focus in the summer is on Wagner and Strauss as well as on a classical and romantic concert repertoire. In the winter, the unique acoustics in the new festival theatre do justice to the works of Mozart, Bach, Italian composers and belcanto.

To guarantee the long-term viability of this important cultural venue, the “Tiroler Festspiele Erl Gemeinnützige Privatstiftung” was established in 2017 with STRABAG SE as one of the foundation’s sponsors.
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The STRABAG-built festival theatre in Erl © Peter Kitzbichler


Ensemble:Porcia, one of Austria’s oldest summer theatre festivals, can look back on more than 56 years of tradition in comedy at its historic venue of Porcia Castle in Spittal an der Drau in Carinthia, Austria. Each season, the ensemble arranges six new productions of great comedies for a programme that equals that of a midsized city theatre. The European idea is at the focus of the pieces chosen by director Angelica Ladurner: Every summer, the troupe performs a comedy from the repertoire of a European anguage. 2017 was the year of German-language authors.

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STRABAG Kunstforum

STRABAG Kunstforum has long been in the service of international arts patronage – as organiser of the STRABAG Artaward International, with the exhibitions at the STRABAG Artlounge and through the establishment and maintenance of the permanent collections at more than 70 offices throughout Europe. The STRABAG Artaward has been presented since 1994 in Austria and since 2009 as an international award for artists aged 40 and under in the fields of painting and drawing.

Winners receive the opportunity to present their works at an individual exhibition in the STRABAG Artlounge. For the years 2015–2017, the award was open to artists from Austria, Switzerland, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) and the Benelux countries. The winner in 2017 was Julia Steiner, the first Swiss artist to win the award.

With the 3,000 works of art comprising the STRABAG Artcollection, STRABAG Kunstforum
aims to promote the dialogue between art and everyday life and to give artists a platform where they can continue their work. In 2017, STRABAG Kunstforum provided the art for the new location in Zirl (Austria) as well as the existing locations in Stuttgart (Germany) and Tech Gate Vienna (Austria).
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Nine monumental sculptures by Bruno Gironcoli are on display in the “Gironcoli-Kristall” event room at STRABAG Haus in Vienna. © Franz Pfluegl

In the year 2016, we spent a total of about € 4.85 million on the projects mentioned above.

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